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We price our service at a simple, $4.00 per square foot ALL-IN cost! 

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 Turning boring concrete into high-end utility epoxy residential or commercial floors. If you are looking for the best concrete epoxy flooring, or epoxying coatings in Salt Lake/Utah County  and the highest quality of professional epoxy services, it is safe to say you have come to the right place! Our local top-ranked Epoxy contractors take extreme pride in their work. and offer quality, on-time service, and clean-up.

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Epoxy is a co-polymer formed by mixing two materials, the resin or compound and the hardener or activator. After mixing the materials, the two agents form a strong durable bond. originally for commercial purposes, epoxy floor coatings are known for their durability and strong, non-slip protective coatings, We have many colors in stock and can create custom designs. 

Exclusive Partner and Service Provider

Elite Epoxy is our trusted partner in delivering quality service in Utah and Salt Lake County, Kody and his team are professional, clean, and timely, we have searched for a long term partner that we know can handle any size project and deliver consistent and quality work we couldn't be more proud to have them as our 2022 5-Star featured Contaractors



WERM Flooring is a low-cost and environmentally friendly product that is made from a combination of virgin and recycled rubber. This product is poured into place and trawled onto the floor. WERM flooring is durable, slip-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, seamless, non-absorbent, and affordable. Perfect for Home Gyms, Trailers, Playgrounds and Truck Beds!


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